Hair Colouring and Highlights

Why colour your hair ?


Why colour your hair ?

The science of hair colour has developed over the years to bring us more vibrate long lasting shades.

The right colour can enhance your style and create the illusion of texture and di

By blending together colours, a great style, and fashion you now have far more ways of making a statement about  your personality.

With the enormous range of products that are available today, you are no longer restricted to simply shades of blonde, brown or black.  You can experiment with different colours that match your favourite outfit, or perhaps even hide the odd grey.

Don't worry if think it won't suit you or you are scared it will damage your hair.  Why not start off by choosing a colour that is close to your own shade or use a temporary colour that washes out after a few weeks.

Can you do it yourself ?

Of course there are lots of home hair colouring kits on the market, but they don’t always produce the desired results.  Without some care they can easily go wrong. A poorly done home colouring can be embarrassing and damage to your hair.  A trained hairdresser is always a better option and can cost a lot less than you might image.

How does it work ?

There are many types of hair colour product permanent or temporary or semi-permanent.  They are applied as a  powder, a liquid or in paste form and they have different effects on the hair.

The chemicals are designed to enter the hair's outer layer, and gradually penetrate deep into the inner layer, or cortex, which eventually changes the hair colour. The deeper these molecules penetrate, the longer the colour stays in the hair. We can control how deep these penetrate depending on what you want to achieve, your hair colour and condition.

However, the deeper the colour penetrates, the more after-care you need, such as protection from water and sun, so that the colour lasts longer and your hair stays in great condition.

Colour Correction

It isn't unusual for clients to come to us with colouring disasters from DIY products or even other salons.  Don't panic!  There is lots that can be done and many ways that it can be fixed - from a gentle removal to a colour strip. We have lots of experience and can help you get back the colour you want.