Hair Cutting and Styling in London

Hair Styling Consultation

Before we make the first 'snip' we talk !
A pre-style consultation for hairdressing in London will last 10-15 minutes and combine all your hair style ideas with our experience and suggestions. Together we'll agree a hair style and an approach that meets your personality and  lifestyle. We will discuss what you want from a style and any styling problems you’ve experienced in the past.

We will show you pictures that may suit you and talk about others that would not. The success of a cut or style depends on your hair type and the bone structure of your face. Our expertise will help you to prevent  "That haircut from that picture just doesn't look the same on me" issues people often experience.  We know that a haircut for one person will not always suit another.

Hair cut Hairstyle Bob Long Hair Mill Hill

Hair Washing and Preparation

The best results are always achieved  with preparation and that begins with cleansing and conditioning your hair. If your hair requires a little more “TLC” and special treatment our 'in-salon' treatments  are what are needed.  We always incorporate a gentle head massage, this ensures our products reach down to the roots of your hair and gently exfoliates your scalp. Many of our clients say this is the most relaxing part of the visit.

Blow Drying and Straightening

We finish off your  style and cut with a combination of blow drying and straighteners to create the right combination of volume, gloss, body and smoothness .

Home Styling

When you leave our salon we know that you are going to need the right products for your hair and an understanding of how to recreate the look we achieve for you in the salon. Statement haircuts, although dramatic, often require high-maintenance (a lot of time and a lot of products) which is why we take the time to explain what we do and what we use. To enable you to effortlessly recreate the style at home.